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Companies Register No.: FL-0002.614.030-0
Justice Office, Principality of Liechtenstein
UID: 61447
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 529900XQ7P7YTBB35G80
Auditor: BDO (Liechtenstein) AG, FL-9490 Vaduz


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This presentation is strictly confidential.

Restriction on Sales: The content of this publication is not intended for persons who are subject to a legal system that prohibits the sale of the publication and/or the investment fund mentioned therein (because of the nationality of the particular person, their place of residence or for other reasons). Persons who acquire this publication must inform themselves with regard to any restrictions and adhere to such restrictions. The shares in the investment fund mentioned in this publication were, in particular, not registered under the United States Securities Act 1933 and, except in connection with a transaction that does not infringe such law, may not be directly or indirectly offered for sale, sold or resold or delivered in the United States, i.e. to citizens of the United States or persons residing in the United States, capital corporations or other legal entities formed or managed under the laws of the United States. The term “United States” includes the United States of America, all its member states, territories and possessions as well as all areas under its jurisdiction.

The information provided is intended for advertising purposes. It does not constitute investment counseling, is not based in other ways on consideration of the personal circumstances of the recipient and is also not the result of an objective or independent financial analysis.

All content and information on these pages is not of a binding legal nature and serves exclusively as preliminary information and in no way represents a request; offer or recommendation to purchase fund shares or for a transaction of whatsoever kind in connection with the investment fund mentioned on these pages. Please be advised that the value of a fund can increase or also fall.

This information was drawn up by AlpenReal Estate AG with the greatest care and according to its best knowledge. The information and opinions contained in this document represent the view of AlpenReal Estate AG at the time it was drawn up and can change at any time without notice. The information and opinions stem from sources that are deemed to be reliable.

AlpenReal Estate AG gives no guarantees with regard to the content or the completeness of the information and, as far as legally possible, disclaims any liability for loss that results from use of the information. If nothing to the contrary is mentioned, all numbers shall be deemed unchecked. The information in this document serves exclusively to be used by the recipient.

AlpenReal Estate AG, its management, staff and its authorized partners (AIFM, custodian banks, experts, auditors, advertising agencies and others) can under no circumstances be held responsible for direct or indirect loss or damages or consequential damages incurred by investors that was incurred by the fact that the investors relied on the information given on these pages. No guarantee is given for the correctness or completeness of the information on these pages.

In general, investments in fund shares should be made only after having studied in detail the current, product-specific documentation and having received qualified advice. This documentation for the investment fund mentioned in this publication can be obtained free of charge in Liechtenstein from LLB Fund Services AG, Äulestrasse 80, 9490 Vaduz, and in Switzerland from the fund’s representative, LLB Swiss Investment AG, Claridenstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich.

This presentation may contain confidential, company-owned or legally protected information and is to be used solely by the above-mentioned recipient. Erroneous transmission is not associated with a waiver or loss of confidentiality or other rights. If you are not the intended recipient of this presentation, it is forbidden for you to use, to pass on, to copy this presentation or to take action based on it. Should you have erroneously received this presentation, we request you to delete it and any copies of it and without delay to notify the sender. AlpenReal Estate AG reserves the right to save all email communication that is conducted on its networks and to save, intercept and monitor it in compliance with law.

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