Changes in the real estate sector are opening up new opportunities.

We package investments for long-term performance. With our pipeline of innovative projects in this new asset class Serviced Apartments we are offering you the opportunity to make sustainable real estate investments.

Investment strategy

We are focused on the best locations for real estate in the DACH Alpine region: Austria, Switzerland, Germany. The portfolio extends from idyllic mountain villages focused on soft tourism to classic holiday destinations and future-proof towns and tourism regions with excellent infrastructure. The investment portfolio is made up of modern new build and high-quality refurbished properties. We invest after considering all ESG criteria, thus guaranteeing a high degree of technical and process-oriented solutions for increased performance and resilience, even in a pandemic. Competent and experienced operators ensure a sustainable and profitable management of the properties.

What are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced Apartments are commercial properties providing typical hotel amenities and services and a flexible range of stay (from one night to six months). The range of amenities varies  depending on the individual concept. This concept makes them perfect for longer stays without legal or financial hurdles such as deposits or leases. Our Serviced Apartments have a larger range of alternative uses than typical hotels or residential complexes, thus providing a balanced risk profile. The Serviced Apartment concept makes it possible to offer smaller, dedicated investment packages across regions and resorts thus offering greater diversification and  liquidity for the Fund. Furthermore, Serviced Apartments enjoy a higher GOP benchmark when compared to a traditional hotel model.  

Charta Temporary Living

Here is an excerpt from the Charta Temporary Living, Austria.
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Here is an excerpt from the Charta Temporary Living Germany.
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Why invest in Serviced Apartments?

The Alps has enjoyed decades of year on year growth in which time many innovative forms of hospitality have brought advantages to the market. Serviced Apartments combine both the flexibility of holiday apartments with the services and amenities of hotels and have demonstrated great resilience in the last few years. Serviced Apartments offer greater scope for a change of use at a later date than traditional hotels and residential complexes. This flexibility for later diversity has helped to establish Serviced Apartments as a new asset class offering investors better growth potential than with a traditional hotel and, most importantly, a balanced risk profile. By creating smaller investment packages of apartments across different regions and resorts we can increase the diversification and liquidity of our AlpenReal fund. Having now created the very first fund in this asset class Serviced Apartments in the Alpine DACH region, we consider ourselves to be pioneers in this field.

Why invest now?

Serviced Apartments are resilient toward changes in demand, as we have seen during the recent pandemic. Serviced apartments differ from traditional hotels in that they have cooking facilities and enable their guests to keep a safe distance from other guests. Compared to business hotels, Serviced Apartments can provide for long-stay guests and for remote working. The streamlined staffing and service structure has compensated for the recent drop in earnings during the pandemic.

Sought after locations ensure long-term demand and capital growth. Modern architecture and high-quality interiors add to the attraction. Innovative operating solutions combined with standardisation, automation and digitalisation result in a streamlined personnel structure. A management concept based on a proven track record and real estate know-how all lead to a promising investment opportunity.

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