Sustainable investments in the Alps

Long-term results and growth rather than short-sighted success: with our pipeline of Serviced Apartments we provide an asset class that has exceled through its resilience when compared to the fluctuations in demand experienced by traditional hotels. Contemporary architecture, innovative solutions, ESG compliance and professional asset management, all form the basis for our investment decisions.


for long-range success

AlpenReal is a responsible partner to our investors. Transparency and fairness are key to long-term growth. We select our properties by considering the resilience and potential future growth of their locations (for example: regions with future snow reliability).

the environ-

for coming generations

Sustainable, contemporary architecture which considers the environment provide the foundation for our investment properties. Digitalisation, standardisation and automation form the basis for effective, working processes.

respect & 

in a socially sustainable manner

Our serviced apartments are modern work places in an appreciative working environment. We create long-term jobs and promote the continued development of sustainable standards for society as a whole.

Our investment partners – as all our partners do - value social standards too.

Sustainable investments acc. to ESG criteria: AlpenReal

When considering our investments we employ market analyses to develop future-proof, long-term and efficient strategies. We focus on the best possible locations for our properties, also regions with a soft tourism approach. Contemporary architecture, alternative construction methods and effective energy-saving concepts are our priority. Experienced operators ensure a sustainable operation and professional management, thus increasing returns. By considering ESG criteria the portfolio’s long term growth and annual returns can be future-proofed, enhanced and the risk minimized. Numerous studies show a positive correlation between a company’s sustainability and its financial performance.