Smart services & innovation – AlpenReal asset management

Digitalisation has become a leading trend in the tourism sector. On the one hand, guests increasingly desire personalised services while on the other they want simple hotel procedures. Digital solutions satisfy both demands, even during a pandemic. We offer investment opportunities in the innovative asset class Serviced Apartments with a focus on these prerequisites.

for apart-

using search engines
Research before booking

Customers use search machines and social media on their personal electronic devices. Our Serviced Apartments can be found online in social media and are optimized for search machines.


using a personal device
What is important?

A simple booking procedure is essential for the decision to book. Choose your room from your own home. Automated dynamic pricing also brings greater turnover.

& check-out

beneficial in a pandemic
Simple and uncomplicated

The customer automatically receives an online form for check-in and check-out. This makes it easy to maintain a safe distance in a pandemic.

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Wide range of uses
Smart phone for your holidays

Your smart phone is the key to your apartment. So many things in a Serviced Apartment can be digitalised and navigated with your smart phone, for example climate control and window shades

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Smart Serviced Apartments
Cost-efficient & customized to meet your needs

Guests receive the hotel information folder, travel guide and more in digital form. Intelligent guest profiles can be drawn up so that guests receive customized service offerings.


Digitalisation at All-Suite
Use of prize-awarded software

All-Suite Resorts uses an innovative software solution which has been awarded the Hotel Tech Award for Staff Collaboration, Housekeeping, Preventive Maintenance and Staff Dedication.

The properties in our investment pipeline come
fitted with innovative software and smart home apps.

Asset management by AlpenReal: sustainable investment

These solutions are now an industry standard for automated, dynamic pricing and for drawing up intelligent guest profiles so that guests can be offered customized services and products as a means of increasing turnover. Dedicated software for booking management, controlling and other processes are implemented as standard. In consideration of the latest ESG criteria we offer sustainable and future-oriented investment opportunities.